So You Mean To Tell Me, You Can Pay Someone To Cuddle With You?

We luckily live in a new age time where therapy has evolved. Therapy does not necessarily have to look like you laying on a sofa, pouring you heart out to a stranger taking notes. Responding with that monotone mhmmm. Therapy has evolved to spiritual spaces and even within the last 12 years CUDDLING has been a huge source of connection for people. One of my mentors Reid Mihalko whom is one of thee co creator of what is known as Cuddle Parties! WHAT! So you mean to tell me that not only is cuddling like a major thing but, there are parties too? Yes, cuddle parties started in 2004 in New York, crazy to think that someone got it. Got that human touch is so important to help develop us to be the amazing humans that we are.

10th Anniversary of Cuddle parties

Reid Mihalko / Via

With Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from

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