So You Mean To Tell Me, You Can Pay Someone To Cuddle With You?

We luckily live in a new age time where therapy has evolved. Therapy does not necessarily have to look like you laying on a sofa, pouring you heart out to a stranger taking notes. Responding with that monotone mhmmm. Therapy has evolved to spiritual spaces and even within the last 12 years CUDDLING has been a huge source of connection for people. One of my mentors Reid Mihalko whom is one of thee co creator of what is known as Cuddle Parties! WHAT! So you mean to tell me that not only is cuddling like a major thing but, there are parties too? Yes, cuddle parties started in 2004 in New York, crazy to think that someone got it. Got that human touch is so important to help develop us to be the amazing humans that we are.

10th Anniversary of Cuddle parties

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As, i said before we are lucky that in 2016 there are multiple ways to achieve therapy. Fast Forward to me in 2016. I have worked in mental health for the past 8 years. Working in predominately anxiety,depression and trauma. I have worked in professional spaces where I have literally had clients crumble before me. But, because of the many laws and ethics that govern those spaces. I always felt that I could not, and was not providing them all that I could. When they needed a hug, when they need to feel like someone is physically present with them. I was not allowed to hold that space for them.

So as I develop my company for those that have experienced sexual trauma. I found cuddling and human contact again to be a such a dare I say somewhat a TABOO.
As someone that grew up in a family that was not the biggest on hugging. I know it took me many years to process the feeling of being hugged, sharing space, energy and intimacy with someone. But, learning to be able to accept and provide that love and support to others has been life changing to say the least.

Co-Founder & Director of Training Madelon Guinazzo on Cuddling, via Cuddlist

“Professional cuddling is very new and like all things it is evolving. My years of experience coaching communication with healthcare professionals and facilitating workshops on cuddling and consent with groups of people has taught me volumes about how people can genuinely connect very deeply very quickly. This is a skill set that can be taught and practiced. It has everything to do with boundaries and the ability to consistently communicate them in positive ways. When we do this it creates the safety necessary for tenderness and vulnerability to show up. The combination is magical and there is a need for it.”

Why would you pay someone to cuddle with you?

Not that you ever need someone to cuddle you.But, you pay a therapist to listen to your words. Why not pay for a therapeutic non-sexual session that is supported with human contact.
The Pros of Cuddling:

  1. You learn better consent and boundaries in a safe non judgmental space
  2. Mental and physical support
  3. Feeling seen and heard
  4. Cuddling has been documented to improve your health.
    #The release of oxytocin
  5. You get to be held, and it feels good.
  6. It makes you happy!
  7. Can assist with anxiety
    And many other amazing benefits …

Moral of this article

There are many avenues that can attribute to healing. Cuddling, human contact and holding space for someone is one of those ways. This year, these years may have been extremely hard for you. You may have experienced rejection or loss and have not healed from it. That is what I and many others are here for .
To hold that space for you, to support you.
It is ok, to seek out help when you need it.

Cuddlist operate in a safe non sexual. Non judgmental, sacred space for you.